Salik / Toll

Using Al Yarmook Cars Rental Vehicles with Salik

When you rent a vehicle from Al Yarmook Cars Rental and drive it within Dubai, you may encounter Salik toll gates during your journey. Here’s what you need to know about using Salik with your rental car:

  1. Preloaded Salik Account: Al Yarmook Cars Rental vehicles come equipped with a preloaded Salik account. This means that you don’t need to worry about setting up a new account or carrying additional devices. The toll amount will be automatically deducted from the vehicle’s Salik balance as you pass through the toll gates.
  2. Cost Transparency: The cost of using Salik is clearly mentioned in your rental agreement with Al Yarmook Cars Rental. You’ll know exactly how much you are charged for Salik usage, ensuring cost transparency during your rental period.
  3. Avoiding Salik Gates: If you wish to avoid Salik gates to minimize your toll charges, you can plan your routes accordingly. Al Yarmook Cars Rental offers GPS and navigation services in most of their vehicles, which can help you navigate around these toll gates, if necessary.
  4. Replenishing Salik Balance: If you find that your Salik balance is running low during your rental period, you can contact Al Yarmook Cars Rental for assistance in replenishing the account to ensure uninterrupted service.

When you choose to rent a vehicle from Al Yarmook Cars Rental, you can rest assured that the rental process is designed to make your experience as smooth as possible, including the use of the Salik system. By preloading Salik accounts and providing transparency in costs, Al Yarmook Cars Rental aims to make your journey hassle-free, Enjoy your rental experience and journey with Al Yarmook Cars Rental.